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Workplace Theft

Australian Federal Police statistics show that 70 per cent of business fraud losses are from staff and former staff, costing businesses a staggering $1.5 billion every year. The recent collapse of white goods retailer Clive Peeters was exacerbated by employee fraud totalling $20 million.

It is estimated that 80 percent of workplace crime is carried out by employees. This can come in many forms including theft of stock and equipment, embezzlement of funds, false invoicing, theft of cash, false inventory, payroll fraud, computer fraud and intellectual property theft. In reality, experts believe that the true rate of workplace theft is higher than the statistics show because much of it goes undetected indefinitely. If you suspect workplace theft, our investigation consultants on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast are available for your free consultation. Contact Us today.

Our undercover surveillance and forensic accounting experts are waiting to take your call.

Employee Monitoring & Pre-employment Background Screening

Cloak Investigatons is your specialist in employee monitoring and background screening. Do you trust your people? When you’re out of sight, are your staff behaving in a trustworthy manner? Does productivity slip, are company policies ignored, does the working day get shorter for some employees when there is no one to monitor them?

Nowadays, with more and more businesses using off-site personnel, the issue of trust for many employers is becoming more of a concern than ever. Our experienced surveillance experts on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, can employ a range of techniques to find out just what goes on when you’re not around. We can monitor your on-site staff or observe and report on any staff working from home or out on the road.

Our pre-employment background checks are another great way for us to help you get off to a good start, knowing that the person you’re hiring doesn’t have a notorious past. When you know that some employers will promise positive references just to get rid of a bad employee, you know how important it is to delve a little deeper before hiring someone, particularly for a position involving great trust, such as handling the cash or working from home.

If you have concerns about existing staff or you want to make sure you’re adding the right person to your team, give our experienced pre-employment screening and employee monitoring professionals a call to find out how we can help you.

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