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Domestic Violence Orders & Surveillance

Domestic Violence Orders & Surveillance

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Part 2 To read the first part of this series    Our last blog about the dangers of hiring a PI to conduct surveillance if a Domestic (Family) Violence Order is in place, generated a lot of discussion. Previously we touched on the fact that a person against whom a protection order is made, may […]

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Everyone Wants to be a PI

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When you tell people you’re a Private Investigator, you generally hear one of four things… “I would make a great PI. I’m really observant.” “I didn’t know PI’s existed in real life. I thought it was just a TV thing.”  “Are you wired?”  “Can you bug my ex wife’s house?” [spacer height=”10″]Because most people live […]

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Catch ’em Red Handed with Covert Cameras

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Tip of the Week – September 10, 2012 When installing security cameras as a deterrent to thieves and vandals, consider installing some covert cameras to monitor the visible cameras. While your visible security cameras act as a deterrent to opportunistic theives who will most likely move on to an easier target, strategically placed covert surveillance […]

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Is Child Support Worth It?

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The Australian Child Support Agency costs tax payers billions of dollars annually. Could this money be better spent helping separated parents work together for the benefit of the kids? When it comes to family breakdown, by far the most commonly vexing issue on both sides of the fence these days is child support payments. Having […]

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Old Fashioned Detective Work – It Works!

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The Information Age has been a revolutionising gift to the investigative services industry. With a plethora of information now available over the Net and high tech surveillance equipment easily purchased, PI’s barely need to leave the office to get the job done – or do they? The advent of social media has meant that people […]

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Cloak Investigations’ Latest Promo

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Hiring a Private Investigator can Help Separated Parents Rest Easy

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It’s hard enough to live through the breakdown of a relationship let alone when there is high conflict and children are involved. When there has been domestic violence, drug abuse or other dysfunction in the relationship, it can be almost impossible not to worry about the children spending time with the ex. The first few […]

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