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Pre-relationship Investigations

Nowadays, the decision to tie the knot comes with a range of considerations not least among those the possibility of spousal maintenance in the event of a divorce. Getting married is a bigger decision than ever so you want to know that the person you are marrying is someone you can trust.

Choosing to have your spouse-to-be discretely investigated can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Our team of investigators can look into your partner’s past and monitor their activities to make sure they are being honest and up front with you.

Will my partner know they are being looked into?

The answer is no.

Conducting a pre-relationship background search on your partner does not mean that we are going to interview them, their family or their friends. We look into their documented past through court records and databases, as well as using our own methods (legal, of course), to verify information that you have been told by your relationship partner.  Remember this investigation is not a criminal investigation, it’s for your safety and peace of mind.

Are there ‘skeletons in the closet’ such as a violent criminal past or a trail of fleeced ex-partners? If there are secrets, we’ll uncover them.

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