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FAQ that you might ask a private investigator.

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    Do Private Investigators have the same investigative capability as police?

    No. A private investigator in Australia has no greater power than the average citizen to obtain personal information. We cannot access phone records, tenancy details, taxation records, banking records, credit records or any other personal information about a person that is not publicly accessible. We are subject to the same laws as everyone else when it comes to privacy and the use of listening devices, tracking devices and digital monitoring.
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    Why can’t I do the investigation myself?

    In many cases, you can, if you know where to find the information you seek. But here lies the problem for untrained individuals; Private investigators, through their training and experience, know where to find information and how to access it. They know all the tricks and tools available and they know how to obtain evidence discretely without alerting the person under investigation.
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    What about surveillance, can’t I do that myself?

    A licensed private investigator is legally allowed to conduct covert surveillance of another person in return for money. Our licence also largely exempts us from anti-stalking laws and from loitering laws.
    Conducting surveillance yourself leaves you open to stalking charges if you’re seen. Private Investigators are trained to follow a person undetected. Following a person without them noticing is not as easy as it looks in the movies.
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    Should I hire a private investigator?

    Private investigators are useful when you need to discretely find out the facts of a particular matter and obtain evidence of the facts in relation to that matter.
    If your matter is court-related, a private investigator knows how to collect and prepare evidence that will be admissible in court.
    Private investigators have no greater legal access to private information than a regular person, but they do have in-depth knowledge of where to find information and how to access that information.
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    Will you liaise with my solicitor during the investigation?

    For any matter involving litigation, we like to work closely with your solicitor to ensure the right evidence is being sought and collected. Your solicitor can use our testimony in court if necessary.
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    What are your operating hours?

    Because problems don’t keep standard hours, we understand that we need to be available to assist our clients at any time. We are available seven days a week and can set weekend or evening appointments to suit your schedule.
    We do not charge for consultations or briefings and are happy to come to you or meet somewhere convenient to you to discuss your case.
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    What geographical area do you cover?

    We primarily cover all of South East Queensland, from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to the Gold Coast and everywhere in between. We also have an extensive network of experienced private investigators across Australia.
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    I want to hire a private investigator but how much will it cost?

    Private investigators are highly trained and skilled professionals. Much like other professionals those unique skills and knowledge have a value. Our charges are not just based on physical output, but also on our unique skill set. Every Private Investigator charges differently but you can expect to pay rates equal to that of IT
    The total cost of an investigation depends largely on the amount of time and resources needed to carry out the investigation. Depending on the job, we either charge the full amount up front or we charge a retainer and an hourly rate from there.
    If the job goes for only a few hours over one day, we charge the full amount up front. If we know the job will take longer than eight hours, we will ask for a retainer and invoice the remainder at the completion of the job. If the job stretches over many days or weeks, we may require progress payments. You can also opt to pay a fixed daily rate. We may recommend this option if we don’t know how many hours the job will take to complete. It means that whether we do 12 hours or 8, the cost remains the same.
    We are extremely focused providing a competitive rates. We believe that part of our goal to achieve excellence in customer service involves providing the client with the most cost-effective solution to their problem. If there is a cheaper way to achieve the result, we will always let you know.

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