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Drug, Alcohol & Gambling Addictions

Drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, in fact most addictions, are satisfied in secret. Whether it be illicit drug use, alcohol abuse or problem gambling, the addict will often go to great lengths to conceal their addiction, even from those closest to them. The problem is that, without help, the addict’s actions can affect the whole family and could be life threatening for the addict. If you suspect someone you love has a problem, we can help. Our experienced surveillance eam on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, will discretely monitor the person’s activities and provide you with a full report. In these situations information gives you the power to intervene. Contact Us today

10 signs your loved one may have an addiction

If you notice your loved one displaying a number of the signs and symptoms listed below, it may be time to consider addiction as the cause.

1. Secretive behaviour. Addicts will often go to great lengths to cover up their problem, lying and deceiving even those closest to them. If you notice increasingly secretive behaviour and lying, it may be time to delve deeper.

2. Financial strain in spite of reasonable income. Addictions are costly to maintain. If your loved one is employed but constantly ‘broke’ and can’t really explain what they are spending their money on, an addiction may be the cause.

3. Moodiness and sudden changes in behaviour. If your loved one isn’t behaving the way they normally would, is experiencing mood swings or periods of depression or lethargy, an addiction may be to blame.

4. Quitting hobbies or interests. If your loved one stops doing the things that previously gave them pleasure such as hobbies or sporting activities, it could be because their addiction is taking over their lives and they no longer have the time or inclination for the interests which once gave them pleasure.

5. Signs of withdrawal. This is particularly relevant to drug and alcohol addictions. Addicts may try to give up on their own or they might not be able to get access to the object of their addiction whether it be a drug or a poker machine. They may not be telling you about it, but the physical signs of withdrawal are difficult to hide.




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