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Child Support Investigations

If you’re looking for a professional, discrete and experienced child support investigations team, look no further.One of the most vexing issues for separated parents is often child support matters. The issue of whether a non-residential parent should be paying child support and how much they should be paying is a matter for the Child Support Agency. Cloak Investigations can provide enough evidence to assist CSA in making its decisions. Is your ex-partner working and not reporting their income truthfully to CSA? With discrete surveillance and inquiries, our professional team on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast can provide you with the evidence you need to make them pay up. We can also refer you to child support advocates who can assist you when making Change of Assessments and in dealing with CSA in general. If your ex is cheating you on child support, contact us and speak to one of our child support investigators today.

Child Support Case Studies

(*minor details have been changed to protect the privacy of our valued clients)

Mine Worker Catches out Fraudulent Ex-Wife

A paying parent who worked in a well-paid position in the mines, was assessed to pay hundreds of dollars per week to his ex wife for the care of their 16 year old child. The paying parent asked Cloak Investigations to substantiate reports that the wife was receiving substantial and undeclared rental income from her home while living at her mother’s house and that the child was living with a friend and was no longer in her care.

Our investigators made discrete enquiries and obtained recorded evidence from a tenant of the ex-wife’s home confirming all the facts. Further investigations revealed that the 16-year-old was indeed living with his girlfriend’s parents.

We subsequently passed the client on to our child support advocate who assisted him with a successful change of assessment that saw him paying a greatly reduced amount.

Deadbeat Dad Made to Pay Up

A single mother contacted Cloak Investigations frustrated at reports from her children that their father was earning cash in hand income through his photography business while declaring a nil income to the Child Support Agency.

Our undercover surveillance experts subsequently visited the non-paying father posing as potential customers. They were able to obtain covert video and audio recordings of the father discussing pricing, income and work hours and making an appointment for a photo shoot.

The single mother was subseqently able to get a change of assessment from the Child Support Agency and the deadbeat dad was forced to pay his dues.

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They provide guidance and management of your Child Support case. They will negotiate outcomes and provide you with accurate advice and options. Their service minimises your dealings with the Australian CSA (Child Support Agency) meaning you don’t have to retell your story over and over again.


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