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Child Custody/Family Law Investigations

Cloak Investigations is a proven expert when it comes to child custody and family law investigations. Our team of experienced investigators will help you obtain the evidence you need, preparing statements for court and assisting you in liaising with child protection services and police if necessary.

When you separate, the welfare of your children when in the care of your ex, can often be your greatest worry. Our investigators can find out;

  • Is your ex-partner giving your children adequate care?
  • Does your ex-partner leave your child with unsuitable carers?
  • What is their home environment like?
  • Are the children being left in the care of friends or relatives on a regular basis?

These concerns are legitimate and can often be alleviated after a short period of surveillance. If you’re worried about the kids, our caring team is at your disposal. We can gather enough information to give you the peace of mind you need to sleep at night. And if things aren’t right over at the ex’s house our expert child custody and family law investigations team on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast will get the evidence you need to pursue the matter with authorities or in the Family Court. Contact Us today.


(*some minor details have been changed to protect the privacy of our valued clients)

Surveillance Operation Rescues Child from Abusive Father

A young mother who had separated from her son’s father after the child disclosed that he had been sexually abused by the father, had been fighting hard to convince the court that her son was not safe in the father’s care. She told the court that her child was terrified of the father and did not want to be placed in his care. The father claimed that the mother was lying, that the boy was not afraid of him and that they had a good relationship. The Magistrate believed the father and awarded him contact visits in a public park for several hours each weekend until the next court hearing.

In desperation, the mother contacted Cloak Investigations. Our team subsequently planned a five week operation in which surveillance would be conducted on the boy and the father during the park contact visits. During the operation, our investigators recorded sufficient evidence to convince the court that the father should have no further contact with the child.

Fearful Father Gets Peace of Mind

A worried father contacted Cloak Investigations asking us to conduct surveillance on his son’s mother after hearing concerning reports that her drinking problem had returned and that she was having regular parties and becoming intoxicated in the presence of their young son.

Our surveillance experts conducted an operation in which they monitored the mother’s activities during contact visits with our client’s son over a period of several weeks. At the conclusion of the investigation, we were able to report to our client that the mother was behaving like a very loving and responsible parent and that his son was receiving excellent care. Our client was extremely relieved and commented that the operation was extremely worthwhile because now he could relax and not worry when his son was with the mother.

Child Abuse Investigation Takes a Different Turn

Cloak Investigations was engaged to conduct surveillance on two children while in the care of their father. The children had been coming home from visits with the father telling of the fathers physical abuse of them. The mother needed evidence of the abuse because the courts thought she was coaching the children to say their father was abusive. She hoped we might catch the father lashing out at the children in public.

Our investigations team planned a surveillance operation that would run daily for several weeks while the children were with the father. Unfortunately, due to its location, the father’s home was a no-go for surveillance, so we planned to rely upon documenting his behaviour toward the children when they were out and about together.

After two weeks of daily surveillance, it became clear that there would be no opportunity to capture evidence of the father’s interactions with the children while out and about, because the children were not even staying with the father when they were in his care. Instead, they were being handed into the custody of the father’s sister.

After several weeks, we were able to report that the father spent little or no time with the children during his care period. He did not take them out or spend any sort of quality time with them. The mother was subsequently able to argue that the father was unable and unwilling to care for the children and, while the children’s abuse allegations could not be verified, the mother was given a greater share of custody.


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