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Discrete Investigations for Celebrities and High Profile People


Cloak Investigations is an Australian-based private inquiry agency offering specialist investigative services tailored to high profile individuals and their representatives.

We understand the difficulties encountered by those in the public eye when dealing with private matters such as infidelity, divorce, child custody and stalking. These are difficult enough for the average person to cope with, but for celebrities, these painful events can so easily be exacerbated if they are allowed to leak out and become a public spectacle.

We maintain the most stringent standards in the industry with regard to integrity, security and confidentiality. We have a deep understanding of the difficulties encountered by people with a public profile who want to enquire about matters of concern.

Our experienced and highly professional private inquiry specialists pride themselves on maintaining the highest levels of client confidentiality while getting the job done quickly and thoroughly. The success of our business depends on the trust of our clients and word of mouth recommendations from those who can personally guarantee our level of confidentiality and experience.

Our Process

From the first contact, you or your representative will be dealing exclusively with the company directors, licensed private investigators who will ensure the highest levels of confidentiality are maintained throughout the investigation.

Types of services typically sought by celebrity clients:

  • Infidelity surveillance
  • Stalking/harassment investigations
  • Property surveillance
  • Family Law investigations
  • Background/probity checks




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