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Australian PI Podcast

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Cloak Investigations is proud to introduce our new homegrown podcast series for Private Investigators, people who are thinking about becoming a Private Investigator and the general population interested in what PI’s do and how we do it. Click on the links below to listen to our latest podcast.   Episode 1. Skills and attributes needed […]

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Catching Your Stalker

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How to Catch Your Stalker There is a human predatory sub-type called ‘the stalker’. These are angry, often sociopathic, deluded and outright creepy individuals who, through a variety of devious means, successfully intimidate, threaten and otherwise torment the object of their attention. Fortunately, anti-stalking legislation exists to deal with stalkers but the tricky part is […]

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Everyone Wants to be a PI

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When you tell people you’re a Private Investigator, you generally hear one of four things… “I would make a great PI. I’m really observant.” “I didn’t know PI’s existed in real life. I thought it was just a TV thing.”  “Are you wired?”  “Can you bug my ex wife’s house?” [spacer height=”10″]Because most people live […]

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Employers To Be Named and Shamed for Going Slack on Bullying

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Employers should be taking a serious look at their workplace bullying and harassment policies over coming months or risk facing the Fair Work Commission’s big stick and, in some cases, a public naming and shaming. Friday’s National Day of Action Against Bullying, gives a timely reminder to employers to get serious about dealing with workplace […]

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Tips for Hiring a Private Investigator

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Important things to consider when hiring a Private Inquiry Agent   Choose the right PI. Chances are there are dozens of PI’s advertising their services in your local area but not all of them will be suitable for your investigation. Try to find a well-established agency that holds appropriate licensing and specialises in your area […]

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Process Serving – What you didn’t know

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What is process serving? Service of process or process serving is a key part of what is known as the Due Process of the Law.  If any actions are taken against someone in a court of law, he or she must be notified.  Process serving is the way a person is notified.  A professional known […]

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Keylogging Spy Software

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Are you worried about whether your spouse is lying to you? Do you want to keep tabs on your teenager’s online activities? Do you want to monitor your employees use of social media during work time? Keylogging software can help. There is a vast shopping cart of products available online such as the Spector Pro […]

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Close Encounters – We Investigate

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Are we alone in the universe? Does extra-terrestrial life exist? We all have our view. Me? I’m sitting on the fence and admiring the night sky – keeping an open mind I suppose. Part of me hopes they do exist. I think it would be pretty cool to meet one – provided I wasn’t strapped […]

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Family Law Basics

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The family law system provides different options to sort out your family arrangements if your relationship breaks down. The main law governing families, children and property disputes is the Family Law Act 1975. This law covers people in all states and territories of Australia. Western Australia has its own Family Court Act 1997, but its […]

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My First Blog – D.Dogsbody

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Wow! First blog for Cloak Investigations, where do I start? When I first offered to help my two friends Bossman and Bosslady with their business. I honestly thought I’d be answering phones, doing the mail/coffee/lunch run and all other secretarial duties. Wrong! Anything but those things…lol… So first day in, and I’m told they want […]

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